Toy Care

Platinum-Cure silicone toys are among the safest and most durable sex toys you can own, and with proper care, should last a lifetime.

Care Guidelines

  • Toys may be stored separately, in individual bags, or with other 100% platinum-cure silicone toys. 
  • Avoid storing with toys made from jelly, TPE, PVC, TPR, vinyl, rubber, tin-cure silicone, or other soft non-silicone materials.  Plasticizers in these materials may leach onto your silicone toy causing damage.  
  • Avoid using silicone lube as some silicone lubes are incompatible with silicone toys and may cause damage.
  • Keep away from sharp objects.  Silicone toys can be damaged by aggressive teeth and fingernails
  • Cleaning:  It is best practice to wash toys before and after use with warm soapy water.
  • Sanitization:  Boiling for 10 minutes, running in the dishwasher (not for Near Clear, see note below), and soaking in a 10% bleach solution for an hour are all acceptable methods for toy sanitization.  Please be sure to rinse your toy afterwards.

Near Clear Toys

  • Near Clear silicone toys (NC) are made from transparent silicone, which allows some neat visual effects.  However, a NC toy may loose some of its visual effect if boiled or put in the dishwasher as the silicone can become cloudier at higher temperatures.
  • High temperatures can permanently increase the firmness of a Near Clear toy
  • A soak in 10% bleach solution is the preferred sanitization method for NC toys. 
  • Items made from Near Clear may have small air bubbles on the 'butt' of the toy which do not affect use.

And most of all, enjoy!